help - frequently asked questions for Ticket Buyers

Q. Do I have to register to book tickets through Positickets?

A. Only if you want to book by credit/debit card for a show or event that offers credit/debit card booking. You can access any show page without having to register. Most shows can be booked by phone or in person – if there is a phone number / location displayed then you can book by phone or in person without having to register.


Q. So why should I register with Positickets?

A. There are two key benefits to registering:

    1. To be kept up to date with new shows or events in your area – shows you may otherwise not hear about and miss
    2. To be able to book by credit/debit card now or in the future.


Q. What will Positickets do with my information?

A. Your information will be kept securely under our privacy policy.


Q. I’ve seen a poster or flyer about a local show or event saying tickets are available at Positickets. How can I find the event to book tickets?

A. Your event may be one of the featured show links on the home page – so you can click straight through to the booking details page. If not, then there are two other ways to find it:

  1. Click on the category required in the ‘categories’ box (left) and scroll through to find your event
  2. Click on events and refine your search using the options given.


Q. How do I book?

A. Most events or shows allow you to book by phone or in person. Some offer credit/debit card booking as an alternative or in addition. Check the show details page on Positickets for your chosen show to see what is being offered.


Q. I can see a seating plan for my chosen show or event but I can’t reserve a seat online.

A. Seating plans are displayed if the event is offering allocated seating. If there is credit/debit card booking, you will be able to select your seat online and you will have 20 minutes to complete your transaction by credit card or the seat is released again.
If there is not credit/debit card booking, you are simply seeing the current state of seats available – so if you ring up to book, you can ask for seats that are available at that time (it is a good idea to have the Positickets page for that show or event open in front of you when you ring up, so you are seeing the very latest seating information).


Q.  I am booking a show or event that offers e-ticketing. What do I have to do?

A. e-ticketing means there is no physical ticket sent to you, just a booking confirmation by email. To enter the venue, make a note of the unique booking reference number (ideally by printing the email) and take it with you. Then, when you arrive, simply present your email to be verified at the door (against a master list) to gain access.

Q.  But I don’t have a printer or an email account.

A. No problem – simply write down the booking reference number on a piece of paper, together with the key details such as date, venue, show / event and seat number/s, and bring it with you to be verified.


Q.  I have made a phone or ‘in person’ booking but I now need to change it. What do I do?

A. You will need to make contact directly with the event or show box office team and discuss your changes.


Q.  I have made a credit/debit card booking but I now need to change it. What do I do?

A. Usually a credit/debit card booking, once made, cannot be changed. However, the drama or event producer may offer a change facility, so you will need to check their show page on Positickets first. If they offer facilities for changing a booking, follow the instructions on their Positickets page.


Q.  Who am I buying the ticket from, the producer or Positickets?

A. Positickets does not buy or sell the tickets; all transactions are directly between you and the drama or event producer. Positickets has no financial interest whatsoever in the tickets sold and accepts no liability for the loss or validity of a ticket, the view afforded by it or the quality of the production.


Q.  I have booked by phone or credit/debit card and was expecting my ticket by post. It hasn’t arrived – what do I do?

A. Contact the drama or event producer immediately by phone or in person and advise them so they can agree a solution with you. Positickets has processes in place to ensure that postal ticket requests by credit/debit card booking are advised to the drama or event producer, but cannot accept liability in the event of non- receipt / late receipt of tickets.


Q.  For some reason the show or event did not take place and I want my money back. What do I do?

A. Unfortunately Positickets cannot accept liability if a show or event does not take place, so you need to contact the drama group or producer directly.