How it works

Positickets is an online box-office that helps you manage your ticketing more efficiently and more easily.

Firstly register yourself and your society, school or company on Positickets to create your account. Then when you are ready to set up your production(s) simply choose either "single show fee" or choose your subscription level and, when approved, you will have a years access to a fantastic range of services.(For single show fee, credit expires after date of last performance.)

Use Positickets to publish as many shows or events as your subscription allows. Each show or event gets its own space on the site, allowing you to manage it effectively with your team. You can easily construct a seating plan allowing you and your audience to see what seats are available. You can also just sell tickets for your event without using a seating plan, it's entirely up to you.

Positickets gives your audience the ability to purchase tickets 24/7 and the convenience of online payments. The recent introduction of a PayPal and ParentPay facility makes it even easier!

And for those customers who still like to phone in? Simple. Your sales people can log in and:

  • see immediately what seats are available
  • instantly allocate chosen seats to the buyer - blocking off anyone else from selling them
  • arrange payment - by cash, cheque or on the door.
  • Full reports are instantly and constantly available, showing the number of seats sold, the prices charged, the total revenue, etc.

    Tickets can be delivered in two ways:

  • E-tickets - no physical ticket exists (saving money on printing!); Your audience simply print off their E-ticket (in the form of an e-mail) and bring it with them to the performance.
  • Postal – We can notify you of tickets sold through the site, meaning you can post the tickets directly to the buyer or leave them on the door

  • Positickets Credit Card means you can then start accepting credit/debit card payments online as well - making sales substantially easier and more convenient for your ticket-buyers and helping you to sell more tickets.

    And, unlike many Box Office Sites, all funds go directly to you! No more waiting for days after the last performance and no risk of losing your funds through a 3rd party!

    Positickets offers 3 methods of accepting online payments:

  • Paypal - Simply register your paypal details on the website and all transaction pay directly into your Paypal account.
  • Parent Pay (For Schools)- As with Paypal simply register your Parentpay details on the website and all transaction pay directly into your Parentpay account.
  • Merchant Account - For this you will need a credit/debit card merchant account and a payment gateway - which can easily be applied for but for which there will be a charge. Prices will vary depending on the merchant. We have negotiated special rates for Positickets customers using FirstData corporation and Secure Trading (please ask for details) or if preferred, you can use PayPal. (We also offer help and advise for acquiring and setting up these accounts.) Once you have entered your merchant account details, you are ready to start accepting credit/debit card payments. Ticket buyers will then be able to click directly onto an available seat and pay for it immediately online with their credit card.
  • Booking Fees

    You will also be able to add a booking charge per ticket, to cover the credit/debit card fees. It is up to you how much you add, so you can ensure your costs are covered.
    A booking fee as little as 50p per ticket can usually cover all merchant charges AND subscription over a year of well attended performances.

    What does it cost?

    For individual schools/societies

    Once you are ready to start selling tickets through Positickets you just need to choose your level of subscription.

    Your subscription lasts a full calendar year from payment and within that year you can publish as many productions as you like within your selected band.

    Once published productions will remain on the site for up to three months after your subscription ends. Allowing you to continue promoting future productions up to 12 weeks beyond your subscription date.

  • Single show fee (unlimited performances) £70
  • Up to 4 different productions within 1 year (unlimited performances) £150
  • Up to 9 different productions within 1 year (unlimited performances) £250
  • Up to 100 different productions within 1 year (unlimited performances) £350

  • For schools/societies with a venue for hire

  • Up to 100 productions within 1 year £350 plus £70 show fee per 3rd party production

  • All prices exclude VAT, which is added at current standard rate. Terms and Conditions apply.

    What now?

    Sign up now - and manage your ticket sales better!