The Winston Churchill School

The Winston Churchill School
Hermitage Road, Woking.

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The play follows the story of Alice, a war photographer living through the 20th century, as she experiences the evolution of women's rights through the lens of a camera. After losing her father following the events of the Wall Street crash, Alice leaves her small-town American life in the hopes of taking photographs for a living. Upon achieving her dream, she quickly discovers that witnessing the events of history unfold isn't as glamorous as it sounds as she comes face to face with the capacity for human cruelty.

From the aftermath of Hiroshima to the assassination of JFK, the sinister side of our collective history takes its toll on Alice, as she finds out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
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The Winston Churchill School combines excellent academic results within a caring, friendly and vibrant community. Students are rightly proud of their school, which provides a broad and balanced curriculum promoting independence, intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.

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