GLITCH: The Key Stage 3 Production

GLITCH: The Key Stage 3 Production

The Winston Churchill School

The Winston Churchill School
Hermitage Road, Woking.

Lara, Link, Shepard and Peach are the best of friends. They have played online games together for as long as they can remember. It certainly helps that Lara's Mother, Aries, is the greatest games developer of all time.

Tragedy leads to Lara losing her mother suddenly, leaving her with nothing. Nothing, that is, but a trail of clues that will bring them together again. The only problem is these clues lead Lara and her friends into the unknown, games they thought they knew have taken on a life of their own and suddenly nothing makes sense anymore.

The only thing they they know for certain is that Game Over is not an option.

Glitch is the story of family, friends, love, loss, loyalty, betrayal and a whole lot of online gaming.

Parental guidance recommended for children under the age of 10 - mild horror scenes and flashing imagery.
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