Bette & Joan

Bette & Joan

Richmond Shakespeare Society

The Mary Wallace Theatre
The Embankment, Twickenham

The 1962 film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? tells the story of Blanche and Jane Hudson, two sisters bound forever by guilt and deceit. Playing the title role, Bette Davis was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar, Her co-star, Joan Crawford was not.

Anton Burge's highly entertaining comedy Bette and Joan gives us Hollywood's grandest grandes dames at close quarters in their adjacent dressing rooms on set. As Baby Jane was the first time the two actresses had worked together it was an opportunity - after thirty years of rivalry - to bury the past and forget any sense of antipathy. Yeah right.............
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Richmond Shakespeare Society was founded in 1934 to perform Shakespeare in the open air.

Our annual outdoor Summer Show continues this tradition.

Affiliated to the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain we perform at the Mary Wallace Theatre on Twickenham riverside.

Phone: 07484 927 662