The Railway Children

The Railway Children

Richmond Shakespeare Society

The Mary Wallace Theatre
The Embankment, Twickenham

If ever there was a "timeless" classic tale this is surely it. There have been many stage adaptations of Edith Nesbitt's The Railway Children and we have chosen for our Christmas production Mike Kenny's version, which was used for the now famous presentation at Waterloo and later at Kings Cross. This version has adults playing children but do not let that deter you, since all theatre needs is imagination and, as Bobbie says in the vey opening: "Do you remember? We were the Railway Children"
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Richmond Shakespeare Society was founded in 1934 to perform Shakespeare in the open air.

Our annual outdoor Summer Show continues this tradition.

Affiliated to the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain we perform at the Mary Wallace Theatre on Twickenham riverside.

Phone: 07484 927 662