the death of Miss Gloria Starr

the death of Miss Gloria Starr

Richmond Shakespeare Society

The Mary Wallace Theatre
The Embankment, Twickenham

Miss Gloria Starr is a renowned actress performing in her favourite Shakespeare play, 'The Scottish one.'
She feels washed up having to work in such a small provincial theatre and worries what will become of her
reputation. On her penultimate performance, the producer is nervously waiting for the cast to become
organised as all sorts of mishaps happen and the cast are nowhere near ready to perform. Then, to make it
all worse, someone has it in for Miss Starr. She faces a bitter end on stage. Who is responsible for her
shooting? You will have to eavesdrop on conversations and keep your eyes peeled for vital clues that will
help you solve her murder. One of the cast of the show is responsible. Can you piece all the evidence
together to find out whodunit, how and what their motive was?
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Richmond Shakespeare Society was founded in 1934 to perform Shakespeare in the open air.

Our annual outdoor Summer Show continues this tradition.

Affiliated to the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain we perform at the Mary Wallace Theatre on Twickenham riverside.

Phone: 07484 927 662