City of Angels

City of Angels

Backstreet Theatre Company

Prince of Wales Theatre
Church Street, Cannock
WS11 1DE

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STINE the famous author behind the STONE detective novels.
Follow his journey during the golden age of Hollywood, as he transforms his alter ego from page to screen.
Watch his Tinsletown movie, 'City of Angels', unfold before your very eyes, as he types, using his real life companions as inspiration for his movie stars.
Meet the real people in his Hollywood life, as well as his "better" version of them in classic black and white.
A visual treat, with reality and film noir occurring simultaneously, complemented by rich, infectious musical numbers. What could possibly go wrong when you mix a passionate writer with the titan's and femme fatale's of La La Land?
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A hugely talented, hard working and dedicated theatre company. Run as a none profit organisation. Proud to perform challenging new musical theatre or put our own mark on the traditional show.

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