After Class

After Class

The Winston Churchill School

Rhoda McGaw
Ambassadors Theatre, Woking
GU21 6GQ

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This summer, student actors, singers and dancers of the Winston Churchill School will once again take to the stage at the Rhoda McGaw for a very special performance: an all-new musical comedy - written by two of their teachers - to commemorate the school's 50th anniversary.
Legendary Geography teacher Brian Rafter has promised to write and stage a musical for the students at his school, but he is disorganised and well-known for leaving things to the last minute. As pressure mounts, he seeks the support of beguiling English teacher Eve Sebright, who agrees to co-direct the production. Thrust together as professional colleagues, their relationship intensifies, whilst behind the scenes, sinister activities put the show in jeopardy. As malevolent waters rise, threatening to engulf Brian and Eve, there is no-one left to fight for the show, except the students......
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The Winston Churchill School combines excellent academic results within a caring, friendly and vibrant community. Students are rightly proud of their school, which provides a broad and balanced curriculum promoting independence, intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.

Phone: 01483 485259