French Twist

French Twist

Teddington Theatre Club

Hampton Hill Theatre
90 High Street, Hampton Hill
TW12 1NY

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Jailbird - an already complicated love triangle between a doctor, his wife and her lover, becomes even more confusing upon the arrival of another suitor. Disturbingly, he matches the exact description of a wanted murdered.
The Coal Seller Affair - two old school chums are painfully hungover and missing a few personal items. But when their belongings are discovered at the scene of a heinous crime, their day gets a whole lot worse.
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Teddington Theatre Club is one of the leading non-professional theatre companies in the South East of England and is affiliated to the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain. Founded in 1927, it moved to its own premises, Hampton Hill Theatre, in 1998.

Phone: 0845 838 7529