Acorn Antiques - The Musical

Acorn Antiques - The Musical

Bridgnorth Musical Theatre Company

Birchmeadow Centre
Birchmeadow Road, Broseley
TF12 5LP

Acorn Antiques- the Musical, is an all singing, all dancing, extravaganza about a struggling antiques shop in a mythical town called Manchesterford. The Musical is written by Victoria Wood and follows the story of sisters - Miss Babs and Miss Berta, who are finding it hard to keep their antiques shop solvent, after the shop rents are raised and as shop after shop on the high street closes and sells out to a franchise. They are aided in their campaign to hold on to the shop by their friends including Mr. Clifford who once engaged to Miss. Berta who does not remember this fact due to a blow on the head, and their cleaner Mrs. Overall. They discover a third sister, Bonnie who is initially scheming and devious, for instance she is planning to sell the shop to 'The Guilty Bean', the worlds second largest chain of coffee shops. She later fires Mrs. Overall even after finding out she's her mother. The plot unfolds; the sisters are faced with financial woes, and family secrets. The show ends with the triumphant return of Mrs. Overall, a windfall, and a marriage of Miss. Berta and Mr Clifford. Now all is well in Manchesterford.

This show is suitable for 14 years + due to strong language and sexual references.
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